“It’s a wonderful country.” Did you vote in Israel today?

On this beautiful Israel election day, in our eretz nehederet, let’s take a moment to appreciate the fact that we get to choose who screws us over.

It’s actually amazing. Did you feel it today?

Did you feel the country, divided, coming together? Did you feel we were united, at the very least, in feeling some sentiment, any sentiment, towards block letters on pieces of scrap paper?

Did you feel disillusioned? Did you feel disillusioned as a nation?

Do you feel overwhelmed with energy, with pride, knowing that you are able to vote in a democracy today?

If you’re Jewish, did you feel the empowerment? The control we have of our destiny? Of openly participating in a society we built… Of declaring our views, hopes and representation as free Jews?

We joke. And we rant. We’re angry and we’re apathetic. We’re frustrated and we’re hopeful fools. Or hopeless optimists.

But we’re here. We’re mostly free. Our lives (if not our sanity) are not under constant threat… by our own leaders.

Did you bring your kids to vote with you? Did you explain to them what it means to be a citizen with representation, in whatever language or level they speak?

Did you explain what a strong leader is? What a good leader is?

How to become one?

Maybe they listened. Maybe our redemption is closer than we think.



3 responses to ““It’s a wonderful country.” Did you vote in Israel today?”

  1. Lea Avatar

    Gotta love democracy!

    1. Liz Avatar

      we should all vote more often… oh, wait.

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