DIY! Homemade tutu and dinosaur feet… for the kids who want to be everything

Yesterday was crafty craft Friday! Two projects I’ve been wanting to try: DIY dinosaur feet and a homemade tutu. Both are relatively cheap thrills and the dinosaur feet are especially super simple. I’d probably have the kids do that one more often if I had easy access to proper tissue boxes (see below).

So here we go… the imperfectionist’s crafternoon:

DIY Project #1: Homemade tutu!

Ok, so this was totally more for me than for Bebe; she never asked and I never really told her we were doing it. But she was a patient enough mannequin for a 2-year-old.

I took about a meter of tulle, elastic for the waistband, and a ribbon to jazz it up a little with a bow in the back. The ribbon was totally unnecessary and more annoying than it was worth. The waistband doesn’t necessarily look professional but this was a total ‘I’m gonna think about this till I actually just do it’ project so I wasn’t going for perfection.

Clearly a project for a mama or papa and not the 2-year-old, though older kids can totally get the job done with some supervision.

  1. Measured the elastic for the waist, and measured out the tulle for skirt length; basically went a little below the knee, doubled that, and added an inch more. Cut the tulle into about 3 inch strips, give or take for variety (and because, you know, imperfection).
  2. Sewed the elastic for the waist band.
  3. Extra, unnecessary step: I midway became inspired to pretty up the waistband by loosely sewing a purple ribbon so there would be a bow at the back. I’m sure there’s a better way to do this after finishing the tulle part. I’d do that next time.
  4. Fun fact: if you lose the ribbon method I did, it’s a no-sew affair.
  5. Setup: I put the waistband around one of those kiddie play strollers so I could work off it at eye level, sitting on the floor.
  6. Now, the knots. I folded each tulle strip in half, and the loop end went a bit above the elastic; I looped the rest through it and tightened. Then tied again with an extra knot.

It’s a bit tedious but it’s cute and Bebe had a fun time running around pretending to be a bird. Glad I could make that happen!

Here’s the original idea I used.

DIY Project #2: Dinosaur feet!

After two weeks of sick I finally acquired the essential ingredients for the dinosaur feet project: cardboard tissue boxes. It’s a rare commodity here in Israel – our tissues usually come in bags.

(See why it’s so hard to get your craft itch scratched here?)

This is super simple for the kids, and a fun (but probably short term) game when it’s done.

  1. Get two tissue boxes, paint color of your choice, paintbrush, surface mat.
  2. Have the kid paint the boxes.
  3. Leave out to dry.
  4. In the meantime, cut out the ‘toes’ or ‘claws’ depending on what your kid’s dino style is.
  5. When the boxes are dry, attach the claws. I ended up folding them in the back, taping each piece together where you wouldn’t see, and gluing as a unit to the boxes.

Totally effortless on my part, except for green paint bath cleanup. Koala stomped around until he discovered it’s a bit slippery which is way more fun.

Here’s the original idea I used.

Happy crafting!






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