Nettles update: six months

At the beginning of this month, on the way back from our visit to the States, while your sister slept and her breakfast cooled off on her tray, I watched you watch me as you stuck your hand out, every so slowly, inching, inching towards it.

A few days ago you saw your pacifier had been tossed a foot away from your reach… and I watched you military crawl to get at it. Over and over.

Even when you’re uncomfortable, desperate to let me know you need some care urgently – food, sleep – you smile. You smile with a look of, ‘hey, it’s you, I love you! You’re so great! Oh and please, please, please help me…’

Go out there and get what you want. And if you (do what comes natural to you and) keep the smile going while you do it, you’ll be way better off.





Whadya got: