Life in Israel: boys will be boys in flower crowns

Israeli kindergartens love crowns. This is the first year I've been personally exposed to the Israeli flower garland thing. In Hebrew, זר. Kids in gan and early elementary school wear these pixie crowns for birthdays, celebrations, ceremonies. Naturally, the Shavuot chagiga in gan is one of them, and between his gan birthday and this, Koala's now... Continue Reading →

To the immigrant parents I grew up with:

Dear immigrant parents of childhood friends, Hi. How are you? Have I told you lately your English is incredible? It was really fun growing up with your kid. Maybe I'm still even friends with your kid. Most of my friends from childhood had immigrant parents it seems. It really felt that way, at least. To... Continue Reading →

Little Midrash, Lizrael style.

"Do you know what this week's parsha is? Lech Lecha. Basically... Avraham Avinu, do you know who that is? No? So... he was the first Jew. He had the first brit milah. Do you know what that is? Well. You had one... All yehudim with a penis have one. So all boys who are yehudim... Continue Reading →

There goes the Lone Soldier.

There goes the Lone Soldier. Today I saw my brother off to his shlav bet compulsory 6-month IDF service. A bit anticlimactic as far as the mothers of 18-year-olds go. Actually, some were in various uniforms themselves. Maybe they've done it before. Maybe they've known this day would come for 18 years. There weren't very... Continue Reading →

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