right to vote

lawsuits over the presidency? what about lawsuits over the stress these two fucks and the shitty american electoral system is giving me? or the respect i lose because i have to defend crap either way?i'll vote, but tell me where i sign up for my insta-lawsuit.oh, there!http://slate.msn.com/id/2108996/

mind, body, conscience

i'm really stressed out. i want things to go back to the way they were. is that jaded of me? am i too young to be jaded? is it too late to care?the world is really really stressing me out, politics is grating on my nerves. i want the election to be over but i... Continue Reading →

i think?

you stand by your country like a loyal brother or a dutiful son. when you think your country wrongs, you support it because it's part of you. and if you are especially bound to your country and countrymen, that support will come through in the form of sincere guidance, wise council, and a clear head.that... Continue Reading →

reply to ben's reply to my Snapple-rape entry

i couldn't reply in the same post, so here is the reply from before - if you're not a fan of political conversations, patriotism, or cheese, don't continue. you've been warned. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I wanna reply jovially but I cant. You want us to be proud of our wastefulness and indifference? You lecture on rape and... Continue Reading →

election 2004

look what election 2004 has done to me:indecisiveness -> fear of commitment -> fear of losing my freedom -> libertarianism -> everybody free -> chaos -> no responsability -> don't blame me for your shit

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