#tomorrow13: Guessing at tomorrow – health, terrorism, climate, economy, politics, and of course, Yair Lapid

By far the most engaging panel of the day: Will Tomorrow Be Better? Some great sound bytes in here, and not just because the panel was moderated by Channel One's Oren Nahari and joined by former newsman Yair Lapid. Note: Some of these excerpts are transcription, some shortened for readability.  Israel's economy: Finance Minister Yair Lapid When... Continue Reading →

The outsiders inside

Last week, I was driving through the machsom, or checkpoint, between Beitar Illit and Tzur Hadassah. When I say 'driving through,' I mean that literally: I slowed for the speed bumps, waved at the soldiers on duty, and sped up to get home. But not before noticing the driver in front of me, who had... Continue Reading →

On Jews, Jerusalem, Women and Walls

Note: Reflections based on my rare February and March 2013 trips to the Kotel. Based on today's news, I figured today's as good as any to post.  I've been to the Kotel, the Western Wall, way too many times in the past year. Previously, I had a comfortable average of maybe once every two or... Continue Reading →

Yes, I let my kids watch TV.

This is how a recovering poli sci major does parenting. Then the following exchange made me feel dirty: "Who is that man?" "The president of the United States." "Oh." "Moshe Rabeinu was the manhig (leader) of Bnei Yisrael, right?" "Right." "So President Obama is the manhig of America and Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu is the... Continue Reading →

I see what you did there, Anwar Sadat…

Oh, you know, just minding my own Zionist business at the IDF museum in מתחם התחנה in Tel Aviv (gorgeous area, go sometime), when in a room about Israel's generals I notice a photograph symbolizing hope, future, and cold peace... Ho hum, just having a grand time with my ex-arch enemy. What's that? The pattern... Continue Reading →

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