Fifty-Two Frames: Ginger Project

Actually hung out with some pretty kick-ass gingers earlier this week (my grandmothers, in New York) but what I had in the end was a pretty kick-ass non-ginger trying it on instead. Week 35: Ginger Project Trying it on. 

Fifty-Two Frames: Quiet

So did you hear the one about the time a 15-year-old asked me about that pic I posted on instagram, and I told her excitedly how I had found my old Walkman in my childhood bedroom, and she looked at me with a sympathetic smile and asked me, 'what is that?' I hit play and... Continue Reading →

Fifty-Two Frames: Negative Space

'Negative space' - what a loaded term. Luckily in photography it's an awesome concept. Unluckily in everyday life right now, didn't have a of time to explore it. Went with the first idea that came to mind. Week 30: Negative Space Seeking: a partner

Fifty-Two Frames: Women

After attempting a lot of set-up shots that just didn't work, I made a Hail Mary pass when, while juggling 3639846 things, I noticed Bebe standing at the window. <Click.> Week 28: Women After three years of working from home, I went back to an office this week. The week that war threatens my kids,... Continue Reading →

Fifty-Two Frames: Wet

A spray bottle of water was used in the making of this photo. Week 27: Wet "I like pleasure spiked with pain..." - Red Hot Chili Peppers   

Fifty-Two Frames: The Golden Ratio

This was a total shot in the dark for me. Week 26's theme - which was a big ole photographic list of concepts like 'The Golden Ratio' 'Fibonacci' and 'The Golden Spiral' - way too resonant of mathematics to my brain. I was so concerned with getting the theme right, that my picture loses. I... Continue Reading →

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