will i ever speak hebrew with the proper accent???ever?????(will i ever speak proper hebrew?)

a thought after Shavuot –

if we are not going to pass on Jewish values to our children - if we are not even going to take an interest in our heritage, in our collective purpose - then why are there thousands of young Jewish men and women laying their lives on the line to protect the Israeli borders?


ok, so on a logistical wavelength, there is soo much going on. so far, i've been working with the Jewish Agency Aliyah Center to work on my papers for citizenship and it was a lot easier than i thought it would be. next step - i have to go down to the israeli consulate in... Continue Reading →

israeli malls.

i miss israeli malls.american malls are great. there's nothing like them. except... portugese malls. british malls... yeah, most malls are the same.israeli malls have a flavor. maybe it's the shit-quality clothing or the bourekas.


i pledgeallegianceto theflagof theUnitedStatesof America.And to the Republic,for which it stands,one Nation,under God,indivisible,withlibertyandjusticeforall.

the city

Spent my evening/early morning in 'the city' as in Sex and the City, cosmopolitans, Sean Puffy Combs coming out of limosines on Broadway, yeah, you know the one. I rarely am there anymore... Not that I was ever so hot-and-heavy into the city. In England, people used to ask, 'do you live like they do... Continue Reading →


i'm 21 for the moment... just graduated Binghamton University (last sunday!)... with a dual bachelor's degree in political science and english and a minor in international studies... love dogs, specifically BIG ones... grew up in shaolin... like writing, specially short poetry prose type... cartoons!... visited 16 countries in one year last year... harry potter enthusiast...... Continue Reading →

starting… now.

i guess i'm starting to understand why someone would wanna post their journal online... i guess that takes some sort of guts or maybe just boredom... i'm doing it (blogging) in order to track my aliyah process for people who are thinking about it for themselves or are wondering, 'why the hell would someone want... Continue Reading →

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