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  • Window FAIL.

    Are the birds in Ashkelon turbo birds? What are the chances? Also, you can loosely translate the Hebrew to say: “…to prevent the entrance of Lords of the Wing.” Sorry.

  • Ashkelon: city of love…

    …or at least, 24 hours of comfortable R&R. Last week the huz and I snuck away for an overnight at a hotel on the beach in Ashkelon… since Bubbe is in town. Well, come on; it’s not all luna parks and kassams:

  • A slice of weekend life 'round here.

    It’s Sunday today, which really means it’s Monday – aka, the beginning of the work week – aka, I miss the weekend already. Here’s a slice of my weekend so we can all treasure it together and breathe through to next Shabbat:

  • City feature: Ashkelon

    It’s not hard to imagine immense burnout after a vacation-less summer, so this past weekend we ditched Jerusalem and ventured to Ashkelon. For a lot of people, the coastal city of Ashkelon is not the first place they’d go for a break. But for us, it was a great idea: relaxing, quiet, sunny and plenty…