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  • Ready to be president, Louis CK?

    Maybe it’s the wine I’m buzzed on, maybe it’s the political fatigue, it’s really the latter, I’ve actually given this thought. But I didn’t vote for Obama in this election. I didn’t vote for Romney, either. I voted for you, Louis CK. Yes, you. Observationalist extraordinaire. Parenting comic relief to the newly initiated. The guy…

  • Fifty-Two Frames: Inanimate.

    Two clown princes after my heart. What’s a citizen abroad to do? Until I decide how to cast my (let’s face it) totally symbolic vote, I’m going to fantasize about all the names I may write in. Week 39: Inanimate In-animate: Me, when posed with this question. Alternatively, the options fail to  animate, move or…

  • American expat voters in Israel: a breakdown, and Ari Fleischer speaks again.

    I was invited to attend a blogger press conference with former White House spokesperson (and fellow Jew) Ari Fleischer, who is on tour with iVoteIsrael (non partisan) and the Republican Jewish Coalition to encourage American citizens living in Israel to participate in Election 2012. And, of course, from Fleischer’s point of view – choose Mitt Romney.…

  • President Obama knows he’s sexy.

    This is not ceasing to be funny for me, so I’m just gonna keep going back to it when my day drags on, and I’m going to share it with you. President Barack Obama sings LMFAO’s Sexy and I Know It.

  • A White House of thunder and lightning.

    I’m sure someone already realized this and mentioned it… but… I learned today that with Barack Obama in the White House, and Rahm Emanuel as his chief of staff, the Americans will be led by… thunder (רעם – Rahm) and lightning (ברק – Barack). Hmm.

  • A new reason for aliyah.

    There are plenty of reasons to make aliyah, but I just heard the most amusing: