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  • We’ll have to teach her to knock first.

    Nothing like making a life-beginning entrance in 3 hours. Baby girl came busting through just 25 minutes shy of midnight last night (March 22nd). Maybe she was hungry? Maybe she suddenly really had something to tell me? Was there something in my teeth? She weighed in at 2.98 kilograms – still waiting to crack the […]

  • Where was your daughter born?

    So while initially, after giving birth to my daughter, I was asked very often ‘where did you give birth?’ that question has definitely waned in the last 15 months. It just becomes the sort of question doctors ask you at initial check ups, I guess. And so, oddly, despite everything, I kinda forgot where my […]

  • My home birth story: Israel, Tzur Hadassah, apartment, bedroom.

    My home birth story: Israel, Tzur Hadassah, apartment, bedroom.

    In the months leading up to labor and childbirth, I think we all spend significant time organizing our expectations, fears and hopes. For this birth, my expectation was it would be at least slightly easier than last time, my fear was that it could become complicated due to complications from last time, and my hope […]

  • My travel agent’s words of wisdom.

    Today my travel agent (la di da) and I were commiserating over traveling cross-Atlantic with kids. Can I get a hell, yeah? She had some words of wisdom; not necessarily advice but an appropriate sentiment I had not been able to express until she mentioned it: Flying with children is like giving birth – it […]