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  • Fifty-Two Frames: Humor

    No strawberries were harmed in the making of this photograph. Actually, that is 100% false. They tasted great. Week 10: Humor Mama? I actually did a bit of proactive composition work on this one. It feels good to have a small setup, under control (as an amateur). I’m getting feedback it could have used more contrast.…

  • President Obama knows he’s sexy.

    This is not ceasing to be funny for me, so I’m just gonna keep going back to it when my day drags on, and I’m going to share it with you. President Barack Obama sings LMFAO’s Sexy and I Know It.

  • There’s a remote for that.

    A sympathizing coworker brought me this remote control from England. Hmm… the country of mean TV nanny reality shows needs a remote to control their brats? So that must be the secret. For now, it seems the ‘Say thank you’ button will be the most rubbed out. Can’t wait for ‘Kiss granny’ though… (karma, Mom).

  • Israel’s real World Cup woes.

    I know this is ancient history already, but a friend sent me this video last week and the song was stuck in my head all weekend. It’s an Israeli parody of the unofficial World Cup song, Wavin’ Flag, by Somalian-born Canadian-rasied hip-hop artist K’naan. The Israeli version laments Israel’s failure to get into the World Cup, for…

  • An *enlightening* discovery.

    They say lightening never strikes twice, but that is simply untrue when it comes to the palms of Oren Zarif’s hands. A while back I brought him up when I discovered the Mizrachi healer’s website. Then, a couple weeks ago, I was walking through Talpiot when from the corner of my eye I spotted the…

  • A wee bit of an overreaction, eh, JPost?

    I suppose with the panic in the markets, a bit of hysteria is to be expected. But this might qualify as too much… A coworker sent over this image from today’s Jerusalem Post; read the caption under the image to the left: A bit harsh, I’d say.

  • For sale: A 60-year-old country.

    Too lazy to translate this, but if you get it, it’s fun. Click to enlarge.

  • How they do humor in Tel Aviv.

    I needed a sanity check and a little dose of big city, so we drove to Tel Aviv today, parked in the free city-sponsored parking by the Yarkon and then walked through the city for a few hours. It doesn’t take long before you realize that Tel Aviv has its own brand of humor that…