We’ll always have Jew York…

A new study's findings on the Jewish demographic(s) in New York City is challenging some long-held assumptions/notions regarding... Jews in New York. Specifically: "The study... challenges the entrenched image of Jews as liberal, affluent and well educated. Over the last decade wealthy, Ivy League graduates like those on the Upper West Side have increasingly lost population share... Continue Reading →

Etgar Keret #3.

A third Etgar Keret piece that can be found in the NYTimes. Who loves Etgar Keret? We love Etgar Keret! The Way We War By ETGAR KERET Tel Aviv YESTERDAY I called the cable people to yell at them. The day before, my friend told me he’d called and yelled at them a little, threatened... Continue Reading →

Etgar Keret in the NYTimes 2.

March 27, 2006 Stupor in Our Time By ETGAR KERET Tel Aviv THE parties my father votes for never get into Parliament. One year he'll vote for some economist with thick glasses who promises a revolution in tax law, the next year for an irate teacher with a ponytail who advocates a revolution in the... Continue Reading →

Etgar Keret in the NY Times.

February 12, 2006 Lives Suddenly, the Same Thing By ETGAR KERET "I just hate terrorist attacks," the thin nurse says to the older one. "Want some gum?" The older one takes a piece and nods. "What can you do?" she says. "I hate emergencies, too." "It's not the emergencies," the thin one insists. "I have... Continue Reading →

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