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  • 52Frames: Self Portrait

    Week 1: Self Portrait Challenge Accepted Hi. I’m Liz. 2014 was an intense year. I was pregnant with my 3rd kid. I left my work-from-home job the last month of pregnancy. I birthed to my kickass daughter. Took her on a job interview. Started a new job the same week a war started. Became Marketing […]

  • Fifty-Two Frames: Self Protrait

    It’s a period when you’re never alone, your identity is not that of a single person. That makes it difficult to recognize yourself and be yourself – for a limited time. There is another soul inside you, and even your most intimate moments are shared. You’re not who you were and you’ll never be who […]

  • Fifty-Two Frames: Self-Portrait

    First off, I started participating in Fifty-Two Frames exactly 52 weeks ago, January 2012, and this week I completed it, in time for a new round called 2013. Secondly, this week’s theme was a good one. It had the potential to be awkward,┬ánarcissistic, lame, or reflective. Sighofrelief it became the latter. This week I was […]