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  • Twenty Years

    Twenty Years

    Political Violence (part 1) It took place in an off-the-beaten path classroom, not a modern lecture hall. We were maybe 30 students, and the few times we had met before – maybe it was two? Three? – we had already covered some ‘basics’: what peacebuilding is, Rwanda, a bit of Bosnia. When I registered for […]

  • Candle.

    “Ima, what’s this?” “That? That’s… a candle.” “But why is it here?” “Why is it here… …Remember how I’m from New York? I was a kid in New York. Like you’re a kid in Tzur Hadassah. I grew up there… with Grandma and Grandpa… It’s where I went to school. You know?” “Ya.” “So… many […]

  • The first victim on 9/11.

    Ok, I think this will be the last time I cry over 9/11 this year. No promises, though. A hero’s tale: Daniel Levin was murdered by the hijackers of American Airlines Flight 11 just moments before they crashed it into the World Trade Center. A decade later, his family speaks for the very first time.  […]

  • The decade.

    In the last decade… I woke up one morning and flipped channels until I found… I stared in horror at the TV… I helped fellow students as the Residential Assistant… I cried… I prayed for security… I went to class… I majored in Terrorism & War… I became a political activist… I watched the second […]

  • A thought on respect.

    Can you imagine if September 11 was a shopping day? A day for sales? A 4-day weekend? Why can’t the general American Memorial Day get even 1% of the respect we give to the September 11 memorial? Yes, the latter is a specific event. Yes, it was only ten years ago, freshly tattooed to our […]