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  • Koala update: Three years.

    Koala, if you’ll wait patiently over there a minute (ha) while I tell the future parents/new parents a little secret: One thing I’ve learned this past year is that the ‘terrible twos’ is a misnomer. The alleged phase starts way earlier than two, and by the time that two is turning into a three, it’s […]

  • Koala update: Lil Mr. Independent.

    I love how, when we try to do something for you, you say – declare – your name in protest, and then do it yourself. I love how when we’re trying to rush you, and scoop you up to carry you upstairs, and you just aren’t having it, you turn around, go back down, and come […]

  • Koala update: Two years.

    Happy birthday, Koala! I appreciate that you woke up today at the same hour you were born two years ago – 6:10 am. Could be worse; we’ve been there together, haven’t we? And here I thought the first year saw the most change from start to finish… But the second year definitely held its own; […]

  • The ‘Ima’ mystery, solved.

    Recently I noted that Koala picked up on the fact that Ima = mama. And when I go and get him at the gan, he runs up to me with his big hug and says, Ima! like all the other kids. But since the week started, it became apparent that Ima has another expressive use […]

  • Koala update: Twenty three months.

    Well, this is it, Koala. The last update before you become a big brother, assuming all goes as planned. I can’t believe it’s been two years. I can’t believe it’s only been two years. And now your whole life is going to be turned upside-down. And you’ll be even more awesome for it, I promise. […]

  • Koala update: Twenty two months.

    I can’t believe my newborn/almost one-year-old/one-year-old/one-and-a-half-year-old/nearly two-year-old is nearly two years old. I can’t believe we can have conversations that rate somewhere between caveman grunts and sentences. And it’s been fun to hear him react to others, whether it’s a toy he converses with or one random day a couple weeks ago, on the way […]

  • How can I not eat this?

    I love coming home from work and unwinding with Koala for a few minutes. Or half an hour. Or hour. However it ends up any particular day. Today we played with trains. Unfortunately, Koala has a parent with a short attention span, which I suppose might be a genetic misfortune. So after the train was […]

  • Koala update: Twenty one months.

    I’m having a hard time believing we’re three months to two-years-old. I’m having a harder time believing we’re three months to two children. It’s a really great time for Koala lately. The teeth are in, the whining has been at a minimum, we’ve learned more about identifying his moods, words, wants and needs to avoid […]

  • The monkey in the tree.

    Is this mean? To sum it up, Koala is shit-scared of the monkey I put in the houseplant. It’s actually, until now, been a wine-bottle holder but I thought it would be funny as a house-tree presenter. On the other hand, Koala has learned to identify monkeys pretty quickly. It makes reading Curious George highly […]

  • Today’s moment of Zen.

    I said to Koala: “Are you a קוף?” And he looked at me and… coughed.

  • Koala update: Seventeen months.

    Koala, For a while now, I feel like I can talk to you. Mainly because, not only do you understand, you talk back. Two things I can’t help noticing this month: you’re awfully clever and you’re very social. I’m thinking the first one must be some influence from your recently oleh-d uncle, though your shenanigans have been […]