a true story:

A rabbi from New York was good friends with a certain high-up well-known New York personality years back.The well-known New Yorker wanted to tour Israel - he was very intrigued by the country, and he and the rabbi visited Israel together, where the rabbi gave him his view of the place.One of the places he... Continue Reading →

on gush katif & ההתנתקות :

look, i just dont know.we visited gush katif this weekend, namely atzmona, a yishuv in the gush katif block in the south of gaza.what can i tell you? it looks exactly like the rest of the yishuvim in israel. they built israel within the gaza strip.what else can i tell you? kids play soccer in... Continue Reading →

יום העצמעות, 5765, 57

summary:- partied erev yh by walking to town from katamon being loud and flag-wearing- got to town, sheleg and all, crazy closed-off yafo, lots of happy people- went to ulpan friend's bbq in har homa- went to rehavia-turned-british mandated palestine street fair- insane bbq in insane bbq-littered gan sacher under insane skyhighlight: at the rehavia/british... Continue Reading →

יום הזכרון, 5765

b'erev:i went to the kotel on a rare visit to watch the ceremony put on by tzahal and city reps. when התקווה began, i realized that was my first time singing it with a crowd of israelis since i got here in january. it reminded me of when i was at the GA last year... Continue Reading →


a's wife is pregnant... conversation ensued... a: pregnancy is not easy m: i guess it wasnt meant to be anyway a: what do you mean? m: well if u view it as woman's punishment for screwing up in the beginning, then its the ultimate challenge for a woman, dont u think? a: ah i see,... Continue Reading →

ערב יום הזכרון, 5765

(7/6/03)Under the setting Jerusalem sun stood the family, the friends, the distant acquaintances, those inspired, and me. The journalist.Yoni Netanyahu. I admit with much shame that I had no clue who he was before today, before the assignment was thrust at me by my editor.He led his unit through the Entebbe raid that saved 105... Continue Reading →

obnoxious rant

"you're so lucky to be in israel"?actually, no, i'm not.i'm...-necessary-responsible-a part of a greater wholecheck up on the law of return.it's a rite. you can be 'lucky' too.i'm sick of hearing from american friends that i am 'lucky'.

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