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Since I started posting about the move from Jerusalem to Tzur Hadassah, I’ve been getting emails asking about what the place is like. In fact, I’ve been offering Tzur Hadassah lowdowns since two weeks before I moved in. And the reviews on living here keep on coming.

So here’s the whole collection of what’s up in Tzur Hadassah (or Tsur Hadassah, whatever you’re into).

And here’s the ‘official’ website of the yishuv (in Hebrew): צור הדסה – הפנינה בהרי יהודה. And the Facebook page. It’s somewhere around 1500 families big, with new apartment complexes being built at the moment. There’s also a community center/education/recreation complex being developed in the center of the town. The schools are finished, the recreational centers – including pool – are still in progress.

I get a lot of people asking for numbers of real estate agents… Here’s what I have; I can’t personally recommend any of them:

Also consider checking out and Yad2 for real estate listings (in Hebrew).

And, broken down, in case you’re looking for one of the following topics:

קהילת הצור והצוהר is the kehilla (religious community and synagogue) my family joined when we moved here. Currently it’s around 70 families and growing. It’s a liberal modern orthodox/open-minded community founded on mutual respect, tolerance and understanding.

*We are currently fundraising to turn the mini caravan shul into a proper, established building. If HaTzur V’Tzohar’s mission and message speaks to you and you’re interested in helping in any way, get in touch!

Some photos of the place:

8 thoughts on “Tzur Hadassah Info

  1. Hi,
    We just bought a house in Tsur Hadassa.We lived the last 10 years in Mevasseret zion,but really looking forward to move.From the moment i saw the jisjoef i was in love with it.Thanks for all the usefull info on your website.I hope we will be able to walk to the aschkanazy sjull and join the people there .We are original from holland and i know that there are more dutch familie there.all teh best judith spetter

  2. hello!

    we want to move to tsur hadassah, and we are looking for a house to buy.
    After looking for about 1 year we are really desperate. please help!!

  3. we are looking fro a place to settle down in but we firrst want to spend a shabbat in the tzur hadassah area any one can host us please. batya and moshe gorman family

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