Tzur Hadassah update: new council, more mail.

Lots of interest in Tzur Hadassah these days, at least in my crowd. Thought I’d update on how the yishuv is doing since our local election and a new local council has letter-bombed all of us residents with their promises. Here are some of those promises: 

  • Plans to finish a locale for the Tzofim (scouts) and the 60+ forum. 
  • Work with the moetza (local council for the area, Matte Yehuda) to solicit certain funds for direct Tzur Hadassah projects. 
  • Work on a better system for recycling to the benefit of the environment. 
  • Lobby for more independance for Tzur Hadassah from Matte Yehuda regional council. 
  • A new school will be opened next academic year as a joint project with the rest of the moetza. 
  • New security service for the yishuv. 
  • Working with the other small yishuvim in the area (called yishuvay mazleg, fork towns – Mavo Beitar, Matta, Bar Giyora and Nes Harim) on more cultural, educational and community programs.

If they work on the security, the programs and the school I’d be happy, personally. 

A word about the school: I’m not sure if the school they mention in the letter is the same school that  leaders of the miniscule dati leumi community are planning to open next year… But yes, the (itsy bitsy) dati leumi community, HaTzur V’haTzohar, is working on a new dati school to serve this area, beginning with first grade next year. It’s supposed to be dati-style but catering to a masorti-plus audience, principaled by the community rabbi’s wife. If all goes well, they’ll add a new grade every year.





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