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  • In awe of nature, fire, and humans – another day in Tzur Hadassah.

    In awe of nature, fire, and humans – another day in Tzur Hadassah.

    On Friday, while driving back up the hill from an Ikea run, I found out my kids had been picked up from home by a friend because a forest fire went rogue coming too close to our residential area. By the time I saw the giant smoke cloud rising on the horizon, a text had […]

  • Small town feeding a small army, or: calling all Israeli mothers of Tzur Hadassah

    Welcome to some good ole fashion small town love. Tzur Hadassah’s natural surroundings are a bit of a training ground for Tzahal ground troops. Every so often we’ll spot them midnight marching down our dead end street through the nature preserve, on their way to spend the night doing – whatever it is; the end […]

  • Tu B’Shvat in Tzur Hadassah: Pave a parking lot, put up paradise.

    Yesterday, in the morning, walking through Tzur Hadassah, I noticed this: And was all, WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Why you gotta touch my beloved valley? Why do we have to dig up the pretty parts of Tzur Hadassah we clearly don’t need for more housing or community centers? Why can’t we haz a little nature left over? Why […]

  • Tzur Hadassah update: The border town gets border police

    Hello and welcome to our border town. It looks like we’re finally getting border security treatment. Back in the summer I noticed these posters go up at either entrance to Tzur Hadassah, and during the Gaza operation, we were emailed by the va’ad about some new details. When it comes to Tzur Hadassah and security, […]

  • Not so fast: Tzur Hadassah mikvah update

    About a month ago, we took a walk to where the currently-malfunctioning mikvah stands in Tzur Hadassah. Apparently, ‘they’ have found donors/money to get it functional, (I understand the malfunction is a plumbing issue) and it seems the rest of the area is getting prepped as well. The road leading to it from next to […]

  • The cost of having kids in Israel.

    The cost of having kids in Israel.

    We ‘have’ kids. Sounds so passive, doesn’t it? Isn’t it more like, we find someone to have kids with, settle in with them, work at it for a few months to a few years, attempt to save money to cushion the initial shock, bring forth a baby into the world with extreme amounts of energy, […]

  • The Tzur Hadassah contrast.

    I live in a beautiful nature park-slash-construction zone. Pretty sure that at any given time in the last year there are around a dozen construction sites within our town. The flagship of Tzur Hadassah construction would be the megatron community center/school district being built in the center, towards the valley. Har Kitron is good for a […]

  • It’s starting to look a lot like…

    The annual hanging of the flags across Israel (or Tzur Hadassah specifically): Yom Haatzmaut 64, here we come!

  • I live here.

    Loving the weather. On my walk today, I literally went off the beaten track and decided to do what I’ve been wanting to do for months. I turned into the valley here in Tzur Hadassah and walked through our local nature zone. The grass is *spectacular* because of all the rain we’ve been getting. Lush, green, […]

  • The latest on ‘that mikvah in Tzur Hadassah.’

    Jewish democracies – they sure are tough. Good thing there’s only one. If this is true, this is incredible. Reporting by Haaretz: Towns ask for public institutions, wind up with brand-new mikvehs When it comes to religious institutions, the Housing Ministry website explicitly states that budgeting for construction is provided by the Religious Services Ministry. […]

  • Tzur Hadassah, painted black.

    The artist at candlelight. The kid painting with ‘tush tush’ in a blackout.

  • Nothing like Chabad gan to start the year off righteous.

    Like anything religious ever at all, the Chabad gan in Tzur Hadassah comes with its share of politics. Residents are wary over a charedi takeover. Some of the dati-leumi are at odds with the representatives. But me? I just love their gan. They run a tinokiya (baby daycare), peuton (toddler daycare) and gan chova (kindergarten). […]