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  • Tzur Hadassah update: It’s getting crowded in here, yo.

    Boom, trach. The housing politics are exploding in Tzur Hadassah and its surroundings. To sum up, there’s been a long-time-coming plan to build 1,500 apartment units in dense buildings 7-9 floors each, located on a plot of land considered part of Mavo Beitar, right across from Tzur Hadassah. Doing this would do three negative things, […]

  • Family outing, Memorial Day, contributing, Israel.

    Proud that we managed to dress, pack up, and transport the kids to the Yom HaZicaron tekes in Tzur Hadassah tonight. And that my two-year-old stayed silent and un-startled throughout the siren. And that we managed to stay for the first 15 minutes. Watching all those kids socialize up until they suddenly stopped for the […]

  • Pizza has come to Tzur Hadassah.

    As I recently reported, Tzur Hadassah now has the one business that could ruin my entire post-pregnancy weight-loss scheme: a pizza shop. It’s called טומטו Pie (02-6503355) and it’s nestled in the row of shops on Rechasim street. And today, I tried it. Doesn’t it look good? I was excited by the look of it, […]

  • Do Israeli kids ever learn the fire safety lesson?

    The answer, sadly, is no. There is an unhealthy Israeli-Jewish obsession with fire in the springtime. It starts today – with Biyur Chametz, the burning of chametz, which is done on erev Pessach. Soon will be Yom Haatzmaut – the national barbecue bonanza, and after that, Lag B’omer, which pretty much celebrates bonfires the way it’s done here. […]

  • Finally, what Tzur Hadassah truly needs…

    Some said the supermarket would be their financial downfall. Others said the candy shop would be their caloric downfall. Well, my downfall is coming and it’s a mix of both. I mean, what suburban, family, bedroom community would not have a pizza shop? UPDATE: It’s open (post-Pesach)! Haven’t tried it yet. But if you want […]

  • Tzur Hadassah update: Small town news.

    On Shabbat, I met a couple that is considering moving to צור הדסה and found information about it right here. Not much out there about this yishuv, in English or Hebrew, so I’m happy to fill in when needed. But I realize I haven’t updated properly in a while, and we have some ‘drama’ going […]

  • Look who's moving to Tzur Hadassah.

    Somewhere deep inside, I knew this day would come. Tzur Hadassah is getting a ‘commercial center’ – which is basically a supermarket and an ATM – on Rechasim street. I am not for this in any way, but I suppose my opinion isn’t worth much since I moved here two years ago and I don’t […]

  • Tzur Hadassah transportation.

    I was asked about transportation to and from Tzur Hadassah. Thought I’d share the options – though they are not as many as would be helpful: Bet Shemesh: Superbus 182. Jerusalem: Superbus 184 and Egged 180. Beitar: Illit buses; there are multiple lines that go to Jerusalem, Bet Shemesh and Bnei Brak frequently. Tremping: People […]

  • Tzur Hadassah update: new council, more mail.

    Lots of interest in Tzur Hadassah these days, at least in my crowd. Thought I’d update on how the yishuv is doing since our local election and a new local council has letter-bombed all of us residents with their promises. Here are some of those promises:  Plans to finish a locale for the Tzofim (scouts) […]

  • Tzur Hadassah is gymtastic!

    Walking down the main avenue of cute little Tzur Hadassah, you will notice some park equipment on the side of the road. First time we noticed it my thinking was, “that’s a dangerous place to have kids play.” When we got to the ‘park’ we realized it was actually an ‘adult park’ – get your […]

  • Tzur Hadassah: The Q&A breakdown (part 2)

    Continuing from the last post, here is an email I wrote after a couple weeks of living here. It’s kind of funny how much more I know now… Which makes me wonder if I had thought I did enough research before moving here… But then again, we moved here on pure recommendation from friends. Here […]

  • I heart the Tzur Hadassah medical clinic.

    This is one of those moments when something really good happened and I have to share it with everyone I know. In marketing, we call that a sale. Last night I spent my time rolling around in bed and puking my brains out. Not really how I had wanted to spend my Sunday evening, but, […]