Pizza has come to Tzur Hadassah.

As I recently reported, Tzur Hadassah now has the one business that could ruin my entire post-pregnancy weight-loss scheme: a pizza shop. It’s called טומטו Pie (02-6503355) and it’s nestled in the row of shops on Rechasim street.

And today, I tried it. Doesn’t it look good?

I was excited by the look of it, but I have to be honest. It’s ok. I’m going to give these guys a few weeks to tweak their recipes; in all fairness, it’s just a week or two old and they’re having a slow start with ingredient availability it seems.

Here are the specs:

  • Really, really thin crust. I actually like that kind of thing (crispy!), but not everyone does.
  • The cheese is fine. It’s ‘100% mozzarella amiti!’ which does the job. And they’re not stingy.
  • Something – the tomato sauce or the cheese – is too salty. That’s my biggest issue with it. If they fix that, I can maybe let myself get fat over this.

So, on the whole, the pizza is ok. It’s here, it’s available, it’s going to entertain a lot of kids after school (and a lot of kids’ birthday parties) and that is, after all, what this little town needs.

Tzur Hadassah residents – don’t go eating too much of it, however. My next scoop: supposedly we’re getting that community swimming pool sooner than I assumed…






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