Pizza has come to Tzur Hadassah.

As I recently reported, Tzur Hadassah now has the one business that could ruin my entire post-pregnancy weight-loss scheme: a pizza shop. It’s called טומטו Pie (02-6503355) and it’s nestled in the row of shops on Rechasim street.

And today, I tried it. Doesn’t it look good?

I was excited by the look of it, but I have to be honest. It’s ok. I’m going to give these guys a few weeks to tweak their recipes; in all fairness, it’s just a week or two old and they’re having a slow start with ingredient availability it seems.

Here are the specs:

  • Really, really thin crust. I actually like that kind of thing (crispy!), but not everyone does.
  • The cheese is fine. It’s ‘100% mozzarella amiti!’ which does the job. And they’re not stingy.
  • Something – the tomato sauce or the cheese – is too salty. That’s my biggest issue with it. If they fix that, I can maybe let myself get fat over this.

So, on the whole, the pizza is ok. It’s here, it’s available, it’s going to entertain a lot of kids after school (and a lot of kids’ birthday parties) and that is, after all, what this little town needs.

Tzur Hadassah residents – don’t go eating too much of it, however. My next scoop: supposedly we’re getting that community swimming pool sooner than I assumed…

Finally, what Tzur Hadassah truly needs…

Some said the supermarket would be their financial downfall. Others said the candy shop would be their caloric downfall.

Well, my downfall is coming and it’s a mix of both.

I mean, what suburban, family, bedroom community would not have a pizza shop?

UPDATE: It’s open (post-Pesach)! Haven’t tried it yet. But if you want to, the number is 02-6503355. Free delivery, but perhaps that’s relative.

American Pie Pizza. Only, not.

American-style pizza of true cheesy quality is not as easy to find around Jerusalem as you’d think. Big Apple Pizza (which just opened a new branch on Ben Zakai, my old hood) has done a good enough job, but they’ve grown so much you get that American sold-out feeling.

If you want a small, colorful pizza joint, I’d highly recommend American Pie Pizza on Bet Lechem street. I’ve had it before today, but today was the first time I actually went into the place.

The odd thing about walking into American Pie Pizza, though, was that as soon as we heard the other customers speaking, we realized everyone in the store was… French. Then we turned to the pizza guys and started ordering in Hebrew, and they told us to hold on and turned to the French and answered them… in French.


Ok, odd nationality-food mixes aside, the pizza was delicious and I learned how to say ‘mushroom’ in French. Highly recommended experience.