Pizza has come to Tzur Hadassah.

As I recently reported, Tzur Hadassah now has the one business that could ruin my entire post-pregnancy weight-loss scheme: a pizza shop. It's called טומטו Pie (02-6503355) and it's nestled in the row of shops on Rechasim street. And today, I tried it. Doesn't it look good? I was excited by the look of it,... Continue Reading →

Finally, what Tzur Hadassah truly needs…

Some said the supermarket would be their financial downfall. Others said the candy shop would be their caloric downfall. Well, my downfall is coming and it's a mix of both. I mean, what suburban, family, bedroom community would not have a pizza shop? UPDATE: It's open (post-Pesach)! Haven't tried it yet. But if you want... Continue Reading →

American Pie Pizza. Only, not.

American-style pizza of true cheesy quality is not as easy to find around Jerusalem as you'd think. Big Apple Pizza (which just opened a new branch on Ben Zakai, my old hood) has done a good enough job, but they've grown so much you get that American sold-out feeling. If you want a small, colorful... Continue Reading →

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