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  • The great turkey experiment of 2013

    When it comes to Thanksgiving, I’m a dreamer in theory and a traditionalist in practice. I spend the first weeks of November imagining all kinds of possibilities, and this year at least, filing them on Pinterest. But when it comes down to the day-of, I stick to what I know which is what we all […]

  • Made doughnuts. Ate doughnuts. Feeling appropriately smug.

    I’ve felt a need to make doughnuts for the last month. I guess chodesh Kislev will do that to ya. Kept it simple though… after spending too much time drooling on Pinterest, I googled ‘simple doughnut recipe’ and found this: Applesauce Doughnuts. They were actually super easy to make. The lesson learned was not to have […]

  • The time I hacked together chocolate crinkle caramel cream cookies.

    The time I hacked together chocolate crinkle caramel cream cookies.

    This post is clearly brought to you by the letter C. Here’s what I was trying to make: Right?! ‘Salted Caramel Stuffed Chocolate Crinkle Cookies‘ WhatEVER fancy cookie bakers. Here’s what actually happened. I got swept away in the need to make these cookies right now. The problem with that is you tend to lack 1. ingredients and 2. […]

  • And then I blew my kitchen’s mind: Chocolately chocolate cake with ICING!

    Felt it was important to update the universe on the following big baking news from my kitchen; even if baking comes easy to you, when I bake I’m like a kid in a finger paint factory crossed with a panicked dog when its owner leaves the house (does that even make sense?). Point is, I took it up […]

  • How to make homemade chai latte (‘winter’s coming’ edition)

    So after yesterday’s mixed berry chocolate chip cookie goodness, today I decided we needed to kick off winter with a new hot drink. (The sky agreed because it’s dark and grey and I’m pretty sure we heard thunder.) In the past we did a ghetto chai latte with a chai tea bag and some warm […]

  • Mixed berry + chocolate chip cookies are in my kitchen right now

    This morning I felt a wave of need-to-create energy crash over me and because all the other DIY projects I’m pumped about starting require getting out of my house and buying materials, I decided baking something new would be part of that. My freezer is currently stocked with kilos of frozen berries so I took that […]

  • Super quick Nutella cupcakes

    Inspired by Pamela’s promises of how easy it would be, we tried out these Nutella cupcakes to celebrate abba’s unbirthday. (Kids + easy cupcake recipe + abba not home = it’s abba’s birthday!) Essentially Nutella replaces a boxed brownie mix, except slightly cheaper and more Nutella-y. Super simple instructions: 10 tablespoons of flour 2 eggs […]

  • The time I made muffins! Sweet Potato Banana CHOCOLATE CHIP Muffins!

    When a lazy person loves muffins, and has a motivated friend who loves muffins, amazing things happen. In the mouth. Yesterday, inspired by a friend who refuses to give up on my baking potential, I made the decision to bake these incredibly simple Sweet Potato Banana Muffins. Except, I realized all too late, I wasn’t prepared… […]

  • Double Oreo Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownie Cupcakes… yes I did.

    This. I did this. Two Oreo cookies. A whole buncha peanut butter. Brownie mix. Sandwiched, layered, gooped. Muffin pan. Oven for 25 or so. Freakin. Yes. My thoughts post-operation: Might have been better with soft Oreos, so if you live in the States and have access, go for it. Next time I might dip the […]

  • No-Bake Banana Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Pie.

    Oh no she didn’t… Oh hell yes, she did. (And that’s why it had to be all caps in the title). I ‘baked’ if by baking I mean did this amazing 10 minute thing just now: Here’s the recipe, which I got from my friend Lisa who gets 3741083754 mitzvah points for feeding this to me […]

  • The history of Israeli pretzels.

    A short history of flat, flavoured pretzels (bagele) in Israel… true story! If you don’t understand Hebrew subtitles or (exaggerated?) Yiddish, here’s a quick and dirty transcript: The Bagel-Bagel Factory in Poland, 1880 Son: “Father,  mother – I  have an idea! Thin pretzels – in flavours!” Everyone: “What?!” Son: “Yes, with pepper, chedder, spices!” Father: […]


    The very best friends are the ones who won’t stop until you come to hang out with them in Tel Aviv and then when you’re finally there, a car ride, train ride, and bus ride later, present you with the very best stuffing-my-face-now-nom-nom-nom… Red Velvet. For months, I’ve been hearing about it and salivating over the pics […]