Tzur Hadassah is gymtastic!

Walking down the main avenue of cute little Tzur Hadassah, you will notice some park equipment on the side of the road. First time we noticed it my thinking was, “that’s a dangerous place to have kids play.”

When we got to the ‘park’ we realized it was actually an ‘adult park’ – get your minds out of the gutter – the colorful structures were outdoor gym equipment.

How cool is that? If you don’t know, I’ll tell you:

  • It feels good to live in a place that spends its arnona money on productive items for the whole community.
  • It’s nice to live in a place where people are really concerned with their health and well being (there are always be running/jogging/walking around Tzur Hadassah at all hours).
  • It’s tastefully done.

This concept of outdoor adult exercise equipment is actually gaining across Israel; so far we’ve spotted it in Tel Aviv and the Dead Sea.

4 thoughts on “Tzur Hadassah is gymtastic!

    • Hi Rose. There’s no indoor-style gym, although with the new community center/complex they are building, apparently one of the buildings will be a sports center (though I’m assuming for kids?). Also in the works is a pool.

      It’s a small town (1500 families) and most are Hebrew speakers, so no ulpan here (better off in cities for that). There are yoga classes; every year we get a booklet of classes/activities being done locally.

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