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lizrael update: just things.

This may be my longest stretch of not writing here. For the sake of breaking that streak, just some quickies. Give me a month to collect some thoughts and come back. Town life If I’ve changed over the last ten years, it’s not at the same pace or degree as my ‘village’ from what seems […]

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Best 6th birthday party idea ever: Go take a hike!

We brought you superhero explorers… we brought you dinosaur adventures… this year, it was a birthday party on a hike. And this was by far the easiest and best and most all-around enjoyable birthday party that we’ve done so far. We are fortunate to live within a nature area, and in our town itself, right […]

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Local Holocaust remembrance in 2015 and beyond

Since becoming a mom, everything has gotten harder to swallow. I don’t read the news as much. Especially local evening news from New York. I can’t stomach certain facts of life. And I’ve distanced myself from my cultural ties with Holocaust education and remembrance. Which is getting easier to do – less voices, more distance […]

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Fifty-Two Frames: Greetings From…

Week 5: Greetings From… Country Town Greetings from Tzur Hadassah, Israel. We’re a country town going through some major changes. Learn more about it.

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Tzur Hadassah update: small town, big plans, lots of drama

This ain’t your mama’s yishuv…