lizrael update: back to school edition

registered for my courses today. since it's grad school and my first year, i'm mostly signed up for required classes (it just took me a good 10 seconds to remember how to say that in english, weird).here's a synopsis - ניהול סיכסוכים בקהילות יהודיות בעת החדשהמודלים וגישות במו’מ וניהול סיכסוכיםגישות חברתיות–פסיכולולגיות למשא ומתןסמינר בינתחומי אינטגרטיבי... Continue Reading →

we all need answers…

A: well...what is ur ultimate purpose coming to Israel?L: hmm. live life here? do what i wanna do here?A: what was ur purpose in coming here?L: live my jewish life in israel.A: why, religion isnt driving u...L: yeah it is, maybe not traditional-looking religion or yeshiva-looking religion, but if i werent jewish i wouldnt be... Continue Reading →

conversation peace.

Subject: HiDate: Fri, 23 Sep 2005 Hi Liz, It was nice meeting you last night at XXXXX. I enjoyed hearing about your interest in the "conflict management and negotiation" program at BIU. I thought that it would be nice to share some ideas on the subject. It's interesting that the program title contains the word... Continue Reading →

holydays in holyplaces

i'm deciding that i don't want to be in jerusalem for the chagim. i'm not too crazy about holy days; not like it used to be anyway... sentimental... but jerusalem, as it says so eloquently in Ktuvim, is a whore. even the old city is littered with 'foxes'. it's depressing as hell, whether i'm religious... Continue Reading →

how do you view your work?

something about working in modern-day Jerusalem:yesterday i was in a conference call meeting with my two bosses and our PR firm in New York. when we ended the call and reviewed the meeting, one of my bosses joked, 'we gotta get those guys over here to see where they are calling to every week.' then... Continue Reading →

expansion to 11.9.05

[expansion from previous entry:] well, on one hand, i'm beginning to see things how non-americans see them. i already was when i was in England for 6 months, including the month backpacking western Europe, but now i think people feel even more comfortable being honest with me because they see that i have made a... Continue Reading →

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