Matilda, I'm home.

Hey, I'm all the way down here. We left Israel on Tuesday night, stopped in Hong Kong and landed in Melbourne on Thursday morning. I don't know if Wednesday even existed at all. I certainly don't know how many sleepless hours I spent on two long flights.Here is my experience up until I landed, in... Continue Reading →

Happy Burnout-avoidance Month.

So the Nesher just called telling us that we have a few more minutes until they arrive to take us to the airport; that's impressive since Nesher is the only Israeli establishment that does anything early (especially when you're running late).We're off to Australia for the next month. It's a badly needed life-vacation/ nationality-break/ burnout-avoidance... Continue Reading →


I realized today, somewhere in Tel Aviv, between riding the Dan bus line - walking on Dizengoff - and getting served in a bakery-cafe - that I must be categorized as Yerushalmi. There is such an enormous difference between Tel Avivians and Yerushalmis. It's like the difference between Brooklynites and Manhattanites: the view, the pace,... Continue Reading →

Israel to hold nationwide missile attack drill.

FYI:Security forces, rescue services to participate Tuesday in massive drill simulating conventional and unconventional terror attacks across country, in order to implement lessons learned from war in Lebanon. Siren to be sounded in south, center of Israel at 2 p.m.-YNet; click for more info...

The haircut.

I haven't gotten a proper haircut in over a year and with sfira approaching, it was definitely time.There's a small, modest hair salon run by two guys down the block from my apartment. I got off the bus from work, after a long, painful day, and walked straight in, told the waiting hairdresser what I... Continue Reading →

A Cable Story.

A couple of weeks ago we were sitting in the comfort of our main room watching a movie when we heard a knock at the door. At 9 o'clock on a Sunday evening in our badly-numbered building, it could only be a wrong number.It was not, indeed, a wrong number; it was two sketchy, lanky... Continue Reading →

City feature: Yafo

This is Yafo or Jaffa, the second half of the area known as Tel Aviv-Yafo. Historically it's always been a port city and today you can see the ancient ports as well as the modern docks. Its residents are both Arabs and Jews and has a healthy list of places to see and things to... Continue Reading →

March madness.

It's March, a couple weeks before Pessach, and it's snowing on and off here in Jerusalem. Ok, I guess that doesn't qualify as madness, but I really wanted the title pun.Check it out, my boss sent this photo this morning from Efrat, where he lives:He's also using it as an excuse to work from home.... Continue Reading →

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