Lizrael Update… and then some.

Life resumed today, like a slap in the face. Actually, that's harsh; it wasn't a slap in the face, but more like a friendly pat on the cheek. I have it so good here: Solid, likable job. Affordable, yet comfy, apartment. Married to an Australian... Oh, I'm not supposed to focus on the Australia bit... Continue Reading →

Zionism from above.

In case you ever wondered, here is what happens if you fly El Al from abroad to Israel, departing on Yom HaZicaron and landing on Yom HaAtzmaut: They give you a Yizkor sticker at check in...   They give you a mini flag before landing...

Don't spare me a strike…

I've been feeling naughty lately; I've missed two weeks worth of classes for being in Australia, or so I thought until right now, when I found out that Bar Ilan is on strike with the rest of the Israeli universities, so I'm not missing school this week. But I'm still naughty, so I will punish... Continue Reading →

RE: aliyah.

Every time I do this, the emails get longer and more detailed. Here's the latest aliyah tips email I've written. If you happen to have questions, feel free to email me. If you happen to have more/better info, feel free to comment with it.------------------------...I'm more than happy to spill out as much info as I've... Continue Reading →

Tough love and more.

Someone asked me what I love about Israel. I was speechless.It's not that I don't love anything about Israel. It's not that I don't love Israel at all.I think what it is... When people ask me where in Israel I live, I say Jerusalem. And then I groan as their faces glow up and they... Continue Reading →

Sharing means staring.

Holidays are nearly over... One more day for us, two more for everyone else in these parts. That's including Easter Monday (remember Christian holidays?). I can't stop staring, so instead of being rude, I'll share:

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