Koala update: Big brother edition.

One the of most common things I was told before ‘the bebe’ was born was: Brace for impact from your two-year-old.

With that, we prepped him as best we could, giving him a bebe of his own to ‘practice’ with and reciting daily the list of family members’ names over and over, with a fourth addition. Also, believe it or not, teaching him the number ‘four’ helped, using the classic family scenario on the backs of most cereal boxes.

And, my dear squishable Koala, you have rocked it. You are, for the last ten weeks, the ideal big brother for a baby girl: loving her when convenient, ignoring her when boring, and trying to help when dressing, changing and crying.

Things I love:

  • The ‘tova’ you so generously dole out.
  • The questions you ask about her. Mostly ‘bebe?’, but, I know what you mean.
  • The 2-year-old softly shhhing the newborn.
  • Your insistence, at bedtime, to kiss the bebe on the cheek when saying goodnight.

And, luckily, we’re able to use this older sibling status to delineate between babies and big boys; one of those groups uses a motzetz, and the other doesn’t. Someone is getting a big boy bed next week, and someone else will stay in a crib. And one of you is too small to help mama around the house, but one of you is totally awesome at it.

I know that when Bebe starts drooling on your shoes, grabbing for your toys, ripping up your drawings, you will get upset. The hitting will start. The tattle-taling. Part of life, Koala. But just remember that you’re an older brother and that’s an awesome responsibility, one that I hope you will always cherish.

And it hasn’t ceased to make me smile that when you see a cereal box with four family members on it, you still recite our family members’ names just like I showed you all those months.

Learn Hebrew online for free, visit your Israeli grandchildren.

If Learn to read in Hebrew for free wasn’t enough for you, here’s something better…

Struggling to learn even minimal Hebrew to get by on a visit to Israel? Or even just to get past security at the airport?

Saw this posted on Facebook, had to share: Learn Hebrew phrases with Audio

It’s a free website with study sheets, videos, and ‘flashcards’ with phrases written in Hebrew with vowels, transliterated in English, and English meanings.

It’s a Jacob Richman creation, and here’s more about it from the creator himself:

It has been my goal to create a site that would help you learn Hebrew phrases and sentences easily. There are 54 topics with 1,211 Hebrew phrases and sentences. In addition to the online audio flash, the site includes 152 printable study sheets.

Could be really helpful for the newly-inducted Anglo grandparents of Israeli grandchildren! Hint, hint.

New baby: Two months.

Baby, baby, baby. Uncurled, extended, grabby.

Coddled by big brother, loved by mama and abba, and in the last month, visited by grandpa and extended family.

And in the last few days especially, she is opening up to us the way we’ve opened up to her. Her smiles are spontaneous, her grabbing is productive, her gaze follows the mobile’s jangling jungle animals with a new focus.

Baby girl, keep grabbing for what you want…

…pretty soon your brother will realize you’re not so innocent and start grabbing back…

Baby Shape ‘Happening’ tomorrow in Jerusalem.

Thought I’d share an opportunity for moms and babes tomorrow, June 5, in Jerusalem. Baby Shape is a YMCA program designed by Rachelle Oseran (whose childbirth Lamaze classes I’ve plugged before). Hebrew and English friendly.

Check out the free class:

Moms with babies in strollers are invited to our Baby Shape “Happening”: a FREE Mom and Baby Fitness Class followed by a lecture on “How to get your baby to sleep – teach your infant healthy sleep habits” by Amanda Goldman, Certified Infant Sleep Therapist. The lecture is FREE to participants of the Baby Shape class that day.

WHEN: Sunday 5th June at 10.00 a.m.
WHERE: Gan Hashoshanim between Pinsker and Dubnov near the Jerusalem Theater.
WEAR & BRING: Sneakers, your baby in a stroller, a towel, a hat, a bottle of water and your energy!

Baby Shape is a fun, outdoor fitness program for moms with babies in strollers. Babies have fun while moms lose their pregnancy weight and regain muscle tone. See our website. For more information, call YMCA/Great Shape at 02-6258436 or e-mail.