That awkward moment when… (#tmi)

...your 3.5-year-old son pulls a wrapped pantyliner out of your purse in public and continues to ask, 'what's this, Ima?' ...your 1.5-year-old daughter's been playing around on you and then you look down and realize she's made inconveniently-located saliva-sucking marks on your t-shirt. ...your son is reviewing with you the fact that private parts are... Continue Reading →

Fifty-Two Frames: Opposite

I cherish that moment just before a small flame dies... If you catch it just at the right moment, you watch its last breath... and then it becomes a memory. I cannot say the same for people. Maybe that's what makes the concept of an eternal flame so comforting. Week 50: Opposite One minute you're... Continue Reading →

8 things I’ve already learned this Chanukah

It's only the fourth night and I can point to eight things I've learned this Chanukah: Chanukah is really really really hard with comprehending kids and not much/no family around. Watching your other immigrant friends run around to local family parties with parents, in-laws, siblings, etc. is tough. Giving out-of-the-blue presents to a small child... Continue Reading →

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