Nettles update: eight months

Things have been moving quickly, and by things I mean Nettles.

Aside from the getting across the floor, entering other rooms, and eating whatever didn’t make it into the garbage can, I finally acknowledged your need to climb things. So the overturned laundry basket is now yours.

How are those two little front teeth coming along? We know they’re in there. Under that wiggly, pointy tongue of yours.

(I like to manipulate it on Friday nights by giving you spoons of grape juice and watching you tiny tongue peek out like a kitten’s.)

You don’t mind wearing hats. That’s kind of new. Winter’s coming after all.

And speaking of heads… are you growing curls?

The hair-pulling really hurts. So does getting slapped in the face.

But back to the hair pulling. Bebe is really patient with you right now, but please realize that won’t always be the case.

On that note, I think from what we can see so far, you are really lucky with what you got in a brother and sister. Koala’s concern, Bebe’s coddling. They’re both so excited when you reach a new milestone, show a new trick. They cheer you on. They feed you while I try to get them fed. They teach you. They even tell on you (it’s a good sign, they’re including you).

And they’re lucky because you happily and easily and enthusiastically offer feedback. You respond, you admit, you engage. Your eyes will brighten when you want them to ‘do it again!’ and you’ll laugh hardily when they’ve gone that extra mile to please you. You’ll even offer a pity giggle when it’s warranted.

You’re always, but always, down for a cuddle.


A day in the life

7:50 Find out about the breaking news from a friend on Whatsapp

8:05 Make sure to give huz and kid #3 a solid goodbye

8:10 Have sinking feeling about letting your kids go for the day

9:45 Pick up kid #2 for speech therapy, feel excited because it’s bonus kid time

10:45 Drop kid #2 off at gan again, sneak a tighter hug in before they open gate

12:20 Find out one of the men killed is your former workmate’s father

12:20-13:30 Wonder how to get through the day while waiting for funeral details

14:20 Get in your ride to the funeral

15:00-15:50 Congregate with other former colleagues, lament the day

15:50-16:50 Tehillim, eulogies, tears, cries, thoughts

17:00 Back to the office

19:40 Arrive home, kids #1 and #2 still awake in your bed, excited to see you

19:50 Cuddles, good nights, tuckings-in

20:00 Kid #1 is still asking questions, making comments, engaging you in conversation, tracing your glasses, wondering aloud, asking for you to stay and answer, pulling you in for a hug, caressing your face,

because he knows, he just knows.