Nettles update: eight months

Things have been moving quickly, and by things I mean Nettles. Aside from the getting across the floor, entering other rooms, and eating whatever didn't make it into the garbage can, I finally acknowledged your need to climb things. So the overturned laundry basket is now yours. How are those two little front teeth coming... Continue Reading →

Dinovember: Winter’s coming

Winter's coming! They broke into the winter box. Brontosaurus felt downright stunning in a scarlet scarf. Pterodactyl had never felt warmer. 'Like a glove!' exclaimed Triceratops. Velociraptor had the crushing feeling he wasn't doing it right.

A day in the life

7:50 Find out about the breaking news from a friend on Whatsapp 8:05 Make sure to give huz and kid #3 a solid goodbye 8:10 Have sinking feeling about letting your kids go for the day 9:45 Pick up kid #2 for speech therapy, feel excited because it's bonus kid time 10:45 Drop kid #2 off at gan... Continue Reading →

Fifty-Two Frames: A Famous Quote

Famous, perhaps locally, perhaps in a certain age bracket. Week 46: A Famous Quote "שלום שלום, בלון אדום" (Bye bye red balloon) (a famous Israeli storybook, 'מעשה בחמישה בלונים' which came up a lot this week...)

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