WANTED: someone to talk to

Is anybody out there? Two 30-something partners and parents of three and full time marketing professionals seeking someone similar who has figured it all out. Realizing that no one has truly figured it all out, also seeking someone who has at least crossed to the other side of hectic and has less regrets than one... Continue Reading →

Koala update: six years

Six years - six years a force in my life, six years a mom. Six years old, Koala. Six means: you are going to first grade in four months you are asking a lot of questions but answering a lot of mine this is the last Koala Update I write before you will begin to know... Continue Reading →

Nettles update: thirteen months

13 months. 13 things I hope you will keep doing. Playing in the dirt Saying 'hello' when I hand you a 'telephone' Hide and seek with your shirt  Climbing over your siblings Claiming what's rightfully yours  Cuddling us Rumbling on the bed with the blankets and pillows EATING AND NOT GIVING A $#*%@!  Taking what... Continue Reading →

Loose tooth, lose control.

So now I understand why the tooth fairy is a thing. I had dismissed it as bullshit but I take that back now, because six years is in no way even close to the amount of parenting time where you can sit back, put your feet up, and act like you're the shit.* *there is,... Continue Reading →

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