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  • We’ll have to teach her to knock first.

    Nothing like making a life-beginning entrance in 3 hours. Baby girl came busting through just 25 minutes shy of midnight last night (March 22nd). Maybe she was hungry? Maybe she suddenly really had something to tell me? Was there something in my teeth? She weighed in at 2.98 kilograms – still waiting to crack the […]

  • Bebe update: Seven months.

    You’re sitting in my lap right now, sleeplessly staring at the screen while I write to you. So we’ll do this one together. Apropos, you’re going through a separation anxiety phase. Hey, it’s a little bit mutual; it’s not easy not being around your smushy smile whenever I want. It leaves me wishing I could […]

  • Bebe update: Three months.

    Let’s share a warm welcome with Bebe, fresh out of the fourth trimester. How do I appreciate you, little one? Let me count the ways. You are delicious. Your face is actually edible; not in a creepy Twilight way, but in a way that I could take bites of you and it would never be […]

  • New baby: Two months.

    Baby, baby, baby. Uncurled, extended, grabby. Coddled by big brother, loved by mama and abba, and in the last month, visited by grandpa and extended family. And in the last few days especially, she is opening up to us the way we’ve opened up to her. Her smiles are spontaneous, her grabbing is productive, her […]