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Four reasons to hug your kids tonight.

Been a long day. There are four pieces of news/experiences swirling in my head. The most recent is the terror (they say female suicide) bombing in Burgas airport, Bulgaria, where a bus carrying Israeli tourists exploded, killing at least seven and injuring dozens more. At least ten firetrucks were trying to control the blaze and […]


And there goes Tommy Lapid…

Pretty soon, that pioneering ‘halutz’ generation of Israeli elders will be just a memory in our textbooks and a prayer in our hearts. Renowned author, journalist, Knesset member, Shinui party leader, Holocaust survivor Yosef Tommy Lapid died today at 77 after a battle with cancer. The full story and eulogies are here.

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Giving blood for Yom Hazicaron + woman who needs platelets.

I figured I’d share this email I just sent to friends in the Jerusalem area, since the more people who can, the better: Hey guys – I meant to write this email to like two people and then I figured, why not let everyone know… I was thinking of donating blood in honor of Yom […]