Four reasons to hug your kids tonight.

Been a long day. There are four pieces of news/experiences swirling in my head.

The most recent is the terror (they say female suicide) bombing in Burgas airport, Bulgaria, where a bus carrying Israeli tourists exploded, killing at least seven and injuring dozens more. At least ten firetrucks were trying to control the blaze and paramedics have been treating the injured.

Bibi is directly blaming Iran, and calling for harsh retaliation.

Oh, we’re still doing this?

In something closer to home, and more of a personal scare, is the story of Pamela Weisfeld (Ayala Pamela bat Leah), an American-Israeli Jerusalemite with two young kids. She was diagnosed with brain, liver, breast and bone cancer in a matter of one visit to the emergency room with what she thought was a swollen milk duct/back pain.

Not sure it gets worse than that when it comes to diagnoses. There’s a Facebook support group collecting prayers, aid, and more for her and her husband and kids.

Jennifer Brandt’s story of getting the phone call any parent anywhere dreads the most: Flipped. Every time I know my kids are in a car, the thought makes an appearance in my mind. I hate every second that my kids are in a car. Please read her story if you are prematurely considering switching your kid to a booster.

And in my own near-nightmare, I was driving on the highway outside Tzur Hadassah when two Arabs were waiting to make their mad dash across to the forest to get back into Wadi Fukin. Illegal workers do this daily from the village to get to construction sites or other workplaces inside the Green Line.

So one of these guys – maybe in his 20s – looks at me and then darts into my path as I’m zooming towards him. Thank god for brakes (and being made painfully aware they’re in existence with the screeching I heard). As I passed by his friend still waiting to cross, I had plenty of words and gestures.

But most of all, I had my baby in the backseat. So work illegally in Israel, I don’t care. But don’t be a motherfucker when you make your way home again.

So, yes. Let’s hug our kids extra tight tonight.

Giving blood for Yom Hazicaron + woman who needs platelets.

I figured I’d share this email I just sent to friends in the Jerusalem area, since the more people who can, the better:

Hey guys –

I meant to write this email to like two people and then I figured, why not let everyone know… I was thinking of donating blood in honor of Yom Hazicaron (thanks, Shira) and then my boss told me about a woman in Efrat who desperately needs a platelets donation from the right type (to battle her cancer)… Basically, at Hadassah Ein Karem in Jerusalem at the blood bank in the main building, they are collecting blood for testing for her; they will donate the blood anyway to those who need it, and then if you are the match, they will call you to take your platelets…

Her name is Paula Goldblum. You give her name so they know it’s for her testing (blood will be donated anyway, so you’re killing all kinds of birds with one stone). I want to go tomorrow or Wednesday, don’t necessarily need to go with someone, but I just thought if that sounds like something you’d want to do, go for it.

Have a wonderful Yom Haatzmaut.