Take your coffee with extra חחחחח.

You know you’ve been here a while when you get all the jokes at a Jerusalem Anglo comedy show.

Presenting… HaHaפuch! Tonight was the group’s opening night; you may have already heard it of it from such performances as Facebook and YouTube.

How about a little description?

Our comedy troupe provides the other side of Israeli life, the daily dramas of bureaucracy, cafes, traffic jams, political troubles and more. And we do it through humor using improv, sketches, videos and music to let the world know that it’s ok to laugh at Israel and in fact there are a lot of funny things happening here.

Have to say, I was really impressed with the fact that with all the funny things we see and hear as immigrants in Israel on a daily basis, there is yet more that can be shared over improv, sketch and video comedy and still be hilarious.

The group aims to perform once a month, so stay tuned for its next showing.

As HaHaפuch says: Remember, Israel is funny. And if you don’t think so then you haven’t seen our show.

Hey everybody, look! Funny Arabs!

Tonight we went to Off the Wall comedy club (apparently the only comedy club in Jerusalem) for their open mic, where my new favorite Arab-American comedians were performing. Unlike a Mideast peace conference, this was not disappointing! (budump-bump?)

Ray Hanania (Palestinian-American) and Sherif Hedayat (Egyptian-American) have been running around Israel – along with a few other comedians, including Jewish and Israeli – performing their Israeli-Palestinian Comedy Tour for different audiences. They do it to help open minds and break negative stereotype (by reinforcing the funny stereotypes?). I don’t know what these guys have an educational background in but let’s rejoice they didn’t get stuck at some online universities studying to earn online engineering degrees or college diplomas.

Actually, I find it a huge relief to sit in a room and laugh at Arabs and Israelis making fun of ourselves. I think humor is extremely important in high-tension situations, and why the hell not take a break from the pain once in a while?

I’ve uploaded a bunch of clips of their stuff; sit back, relax and take a joke for peace’ sake:

What am I?

Jewish Arab Wedding

Jewish son


Magic carpet

Flying Sherif

My name is Sherif

Terrorist with ADD

Dating after 9/11

At the airport

Iraqis and MySpace

Arabic pick up lines