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  • Tu B’Shvat in Tzur Hadassah: Pave a parking lot, put up paradise.

    Yesterday, in the morning, walking through Tzur Hadassah, I noticed this: And was all, WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Why you gotta touch my beloved valley? Why do we have to dig up the pretty parts of Tzur Hadassah we clearly don’t need for more housing or community centers? Why can’t we haz a little nature left over? Why […]

  • The Tzur Hadassah contrast.

    I live in a beautiful nature park-slash-construction zone. Pretty sure that at any given time in the last year there are around a dozen construction sites within our town. The flagship of Tzur Hadassah construction would be the megatron community center/school district being built in the center, towards the valley. Har Kitron is good for a […]

  • Tzur Hadassah update: It’s getting crowded in here, yo.

    Boom, trach. The housing politics are exploding in Tzur Hadassah and its surroundings. To sum up, there’s been a long-time-coming plan to build 1,500 apartment units in dense buildings 7-9 floors each, located on a plot of land considered part of Mavo Beitar, right across from Tzur Hadassah. Doing this would do three negative things, […]

  • Tzur Hadassah update: Small town news.

    On Shabbat, I met a couple that is considering moving to צור הדסה and found information about it right here. Not much out there about this yishuv, in English or Hebrew, so I’m happy to fill in when needed. But I realize I haven’t updated properly in a while, and we have some ‘drama’ going […]

  • Once in a lifetime.

    It’s not every day – nay, every month – wait, every year?  – that you see something like this on an Israeli construction site: Amazing, isn’t it? סיימנו. It’s just a word, but it’s a whole lot more, too. ‘We completed it.’ What a feeling! What a way to be! On top of that, the […]