Thanks for keeping it classy, Beit Shemesh ladies.

Since I’ve been ranting about the Beit Shemesh tolerance vs extremists issue, it’s only fair I follow up with a ray of hope in the form of Queen, or, well, 250 of them… with a Beit Shemesh women’s dance flash mob.

On Friday, Jan 6th, 2012, a group of 250 women from Bet Shemesh decided to raise their voices against the exclusion of women from the public domain by holding a mass public dance in the city square. The women, residents of the city from all ages and sectors, religious, traditional and secular, gathered together in a flashmob dance, in the city square and started dancing towards a change.

Hey, it was separate dancing after all!

By the way, a ray of sunshine for embattled Beit Shemesh. According to Jpost, coexistence group seeks to stimulate dialogue following strife between Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox.


For a few years I kept seeing the word ‘zumba’ in my Facebook feed…

Ahhh! Zumba!

Just came back from zuuumbaaa!!!

I <3 Zumba 4everz!!11!!1

And I’ve had no freakin clue what everyone has been saying.

Last week, I got an email advertising Zumba on Sunday nights right here in cozy little Tzur Hadassah. So I had to break the curiosity and go.

Ok, here’s the thing: Lately, I’ve been feeling really… old. Sure, I’m chillin’ in my late 20s, but it’s a state of mind. I don’t exercise, gravity is pointing it’s forefinger at me and I find myself saying things like, “Wait till your father gets home…”

So if you’re feeling old, what better way to youthen up than to dance-aerobics to spicy Latin hip hop?

In an open school yard?

While 11-year-old boys watch you?

Israeli Zumba: It’s you, gloriously uncoordinated you, and a bunch of 40/50 year olds, sweating your hearts out at the local school, loud Spanish speakers blasting while a Russian hottie makes you move your hips in naughty ways, an audience of a dozen grade school boys on the verge of puberty watching (possibly filming, who can be sure?) – and a few actually join in behind you.

Zumba!!1!1!! I’m going back next week.

B’kitzur… Israeli advertising is scary.

So I’m going through my July edition of “בקיצור” (b’kitzur, in short)  which is a newsletter for yishuvim in the Matte Yehuda region. It’s packed with ads and superficial articles, but once in a while there is a gem – or two – that must be shared.

Take the following advertisement, for example. It’s a sale at Super Pharm, everyone’s favorite Walgreen’s attempt. It’s having a sale on its home brand products – three eyeliners for the price of one, various hair products for two shekel each… and then this:

Buy a box of condoms, but don't forget the bandaids!

‘Buy one get one free’ between first-aid gear and condoms. What kind of kinky sex do you think we’re having, Super Pharm?

Which leads to the second bizarre inappropriate ad in the bunch… Dancing is big in Israel, especially folk dancing. What a wonderful chug to send your kids to during the summer. You might want to consider this dance instructor:

Um... what kind of dancing do you teach, exactly?

On second thought, you might not. Her name is Pipi Nes. Go on, say that quickly. Drop one of the ‘p’s and say it again.