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Fifty-Two Frames: Contrast.

I got this at the very start of week 13. It was the Rami Levy in Beitar. …I had a dentist appointment scheduled for the next day. Week 13: Contrast. Probably more like irony… (and even the colors seemed to contrast).

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Todah, dentist.

Just came back from Koala’s first time at the dentist. I’m pretty sure I managed not to project any of my own dentist dislike onto him, and maybe got him a lil too excited for it, because when we walked into the office reception he was SO EXCITED DENTIST IMA YAY! Then we got called […]

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Two teeth dumber… yet also wiser…

I’m sitting here, post-removal of my last two wisdom teeth, done by an Israeli doctor at my insurance clinic, and I’m feeling – wise. For weeks, people have been warning me about getting my wisdom teeth out here – “Go to an American, go private, pay extra for gas.” Sure, it freaked me out, but […]