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  • Fifty-Two Frames: From where I stand

    So erev Rosh Hashana the most perfect dog follows me home… Week 39: From Where I Stand From where I stand, I am needed. 

  • Set your aspirations high…

    …and your expectations low. Spotted in Tzur Hadassah: an effort to be funny and effective! Stickers adorning the public garbage cans, with the following message: אם כל אחד לא ילכלך, יהיה פה נקי כמו בשוויץ If everyone wouldn’t make a mess, it could be clean here like in Switzerland. Nice touch, Va’ad Tzur Hadassah! Seriously. Now, […]

  • Hebrew-speaking dogs.

    I’m sitting on my couch and I hear a scratch at the door. My first thought is, did a jackal from the forest across the street come all the way upstairs to haunt me? My second thought is, it does, however, sound like a dog. After peeping through the door, I realized it was a […]