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  • The Hadassah birthing experience.

    In the end, we went to Hadassah Ein Kerem for the birth. It was an issue of confidence and although I think I still would have preferred a homebirth, I can say with 20/20 retrospective vision that I’m comfortable with our experience – it was positive, it was successful and… it was lucky, as these […]

  • Birthing at Hadassah Ein Kerem.

    I have heard the horror stories: laboring in a janitor’s closet, giving birth in the elevator, no epidural available, recovering in the hallway. I have heard the beautiful stories: ¬†sweet, caring midwives, a tendancy towards leniency, rooming in available, ¬†wonderful aftercare. While I cannot say for sure what it’s like to birth at Hadassah Ein […]

  • Slice of the Tzur Hadassah commute, minharot style.

    Driving home to Tzur Hadassah through the minharot (tunnels) is not always peaches. On our way home today, passing Husan, Beitar and Wadi Fukin, we found soldiers everywhere, cracking down, probably on the hunt for someone specific from a tip-off. We were greeted by this right as we were getting to the machsom (checkpoint), literally […]