Searching Naftali Benn- oof, go home, Bibi, you’re drunk.

Wow. So, this just happened.

Heard HaBayit HaYehudi front runner Naftali Bennett got snotty on his Facebook page today, so I went to check it out. Typed out his name and –

Oh, hello, Bibi Netanyahu. You crashed yet another party. Living your meme, much?

Or are you a lil afraid you will one day soon* no longer be the life of the parties?

*after another term with Avigdor and Shas, of course, thankyouverymuchfellowIsraelivoters.

Naftali Bennett - oops - Bibi

Disclaimer: I’m not voting for either guy. But here’s a fun way to choose your fav.

Disclaimer #2: I swear I didn’t see that tiny gray text under the drop down in the screenshot until just now (but answer the question, Naftali).


Chuck Norris endorses Bibi – for real, yo. You’re screwed now, Bennett.

(h/t @mordecaiholtz)

Like the Rabbanut… on Facebook.

A couple months ago, out in Jerusalem, we noticed that kashrut certificates for restaurants seem to have been updated:

Hmmm… I didn’t even see it at first, but that ubiquitous blue F doesn’t stay out of your eyesight for too long.

The Jerusalem Rabbanut on Facebook – how kosher can that be?

So – would you like the Kashrut branch of the Rabbanut of Jerusalem… on Facebook?

Of course, you kinda have to if you do want to “ask questions and get answers online” since…

‏הרבנות ירושלים only shares some information publicly.‏ ‏If you know הרבנות ירושלים, send him a friend request or message him.‏

Can’t even make a proper Facebook Page, Rabbanut. Maybe that’s why you only have 53 friends.

Or maybe because everyone in Jerusalem is only eating Badatz these days.

Fifty-Two Frames: Out of Focus.

Some weeks I let the photo come to me, some weeks I try too hard, and some weeks I have one idea, and I do it once, and it works.

I liked the yellow of the background to kinda indicate old vs new, giving the papers a parchment glow. But I sacrificed the natural color of the hand for that.

Thanks to my roommate, the hand model.

Week 23: Out of Focus

Misplaced focus on a school night.

Shimon Peres’ writing on the Wall.

Is there anything this cutie can’t do to make us smile?

Now that he’s Mr. President – and finally found a job he fits – Shimon Peres just keeps getting better and better.

Like when I watched him interviewed by Barbra Walters on The View last month… (?!)

Now he’s gone and seen the writing on the wall – Mark Zuckerberg’s actual wall – and he actually wrote it, too.

And so a homegrown Israeli meme was born…

(By the way, context).

To Ayelet Yakira Galena, z’l

Ayelet –

Who are you, that I’m sitting here crying openly in public while reading the tragic news your parents just posted?

I never met you, I never spoke to you, I never held you, but through you parents’ amazing capacity for sharing and including all of us – thousands of people across the world, mothers, fathers, fellow Jews, friendly non-Jews, Americans, Israelis, internationals, people who know your parents personally and people who don’t – in your family’s need, we got to know you and be with you and fall in love with you as you fought so hard the cruelty you were handed in life.

It makes me wonder, Ayelet, how a sweet pure thing can be born into such hardship. Even more, it makes me wonder how there are people in this world who would choose to bring that on children – through violence, through terror, through abuse – when instead they could serve our world’s children with kindness, care and love…

I hope all of us carry your memory forward, and appreciate every aspect of goodness, especially health, we should always see in ourselves, our kids, our families, while working together to ward off the bad that humanity tends to bring into the world, in ignorance or with purpose.

To your parents: may they be blessed with even more good in their lives, born from the goodness they had in you, Ayelet, which they will forever cherish… All three of you have been an inspiration in love and dedication.

Baruch Dayan HaEmet.

Fifty-Two Frames: Themeless.

Ten years ago, a dozen or so of my college friends banned together and got me a birthday gift in honor of my impending semester abroad: a Canon EOS Rebel, my first and only SLR.

We had a ball together, but then came digital, and I’ve been mainly rocking out to little Elphs ever since. At the risk of getting all meta here, you may have noticed I dabble in a lil amateur awesomeness right here on this very blog.

So I’m expanding my ‘horizon’ and joined…

Fifty-Two Frames is a collaboration of artists who ‘gather’ weekly and share their best work based on a weekly theme, which is posted every Sunday/Monday on the Facebook page. It started in 2011 and is now about to rock its second year. It’s a project started by Yosef Adest, a Tel Aviv-based photographer and videographer (who I happen to know enjoys a word association game on occasion).

My first entry for the first week…

Week 1: Themeless

My ‘themeless’ photo is brown, cold, and… themeless.

When you mix Jews, legalities, Facebook…

Facebook + Jew vs Jew + lawsuit?

Not the first time this has happened, Mark Zuckerberg(s)!

Israeli entrepreneur becomes Mark Zuckerberg to fight Facebook

But we had to have known some Israeli would have the balls to do this:

Israeli entrepreneur Rotem Guez has legally changed his name to Mark Zuckerberg in response to legal threats from Facebook. The 32 year old Haifa resident runs a website called “Likestore” which sells Facebook “likes” in bulk charging prices of NIS 500-10,000 for 1,000-10,000 “likes.”

Last week, Guez received a letter from a law firm representing Facebook demanding that he close his business. Guez insists that his business is legal and decided to change his name to that of Facebook founder and CEO to see if Facebook is prepared to sue him.

My favorite part:

At first the clerk refused to change his name describing it as “misleading the public” but Guez’s insistence that “Zuckerberg” is a nice Jewish name convinced her to register the change.

So who’s the bigger Sucker(berg) – the billionaire Mark or the dude who can’t legally change his name again for seven years?