Only classy chocolate for the little one.

Here’s what you get when your OB-GYN is a French-Israeli: 

“Basically, just make sure you’re feeling movements. Check when you are relaxed and at peace. Make sure you feel some in a half an hour’s time and if not, after an hour, give it some Brenner*… <insert us laughing here> No, really. Give it Brenner because you don’t want to give it the regular stuff, you don’t wanna ruin its taste for chocolate with that.”

So, there you have it: An OB-GYN for worrying about movements. A Frenchman for worrying about quality of chocolate. And an Israeli for suggesting Max Brenner, of all brands. 


*Max Brenner, that is, or ‘chocolate by the bald man.’ Max Brenner is an Israeli who has his own gourmet chocolate line and has opened up shops across the world.

American Pie Pizza. Only, not.

American-style pizza of true cheesy quality is not as easy to find around Jerusalem as you’d think. Big Apple Pizza (which just opened a new branch on Ben Zakai, my old hood) has done a good enough job, but they’ve grown so much you get that American sold-out feeling.

If you want a small, colorful pizza joint, I’d highly recommend American Pie Pizza on Bet Lechem street. I’ve had it before today, but today was the first time I actually went into the place.

The odd thing about walking into American Pie Pizza, though, was that as soon as we heard the other customers speaking, we realized everyone in the store was… French. Then we turned to the pizza guys and started ordering in Hebrew, and they told us to hold on and turned to the French and answered them… in French.


Ok, odd nationality-food mixes aside, the pizza was delicious and I learned how to say ‘mushroom’ in French. Highly recommended experience.