The history of Israeli pretzels.

A short history of flat, flavoured pretzels (bagele) in Israel... true story! If you don't understand Hebrew subtitles or (exaggerated?) Yiddish, here's a quick and dirty transcript: The Bagel-Bagel Factory in Poland, 1880 Son: "Father,  mother - I  have an idea! Thin pretzels - in flavours!" Everyone: "What?!" Son: "Yes, with pepper, chedder, spices!" Father:... Continue Reading →

What’s funny to a two-year-old.

Didn't think he'd even get this joke, nevermind find it funny. But there we were. Me, pouring coffee for the huz and I, and what we call coffee, but is actually chocolate milk, for Koala. "Look, Koala - (I point to each cup) - for Abba, for Mama, for Koala... (I point to my boob) for... Continue Reading →

Don't meet me here.

Taking a walk through Tzur Hadassah's Har Kitron neighborhood, you'll find the following street off the main road... I think this is particularly funny because Har Kitron comes off as a bit of a posh 'hood. It's all full, robust houses and a lot of 'older' families with teenage kids. I guess this isn't the... Continue Reading →

Dirty geeks with dirty cars.

A friend sent me the photo below, taken in the parking lot of where we work in the Gan HaTechnologi, Jerusalem. That's the Technology Park, where a lot of Jerusalem start ups are based. Yeah, I'll bet you do, Gan Hatechnologi start up geek.

If Sharon woke up…

I got this forwarded to me and thought it was worth the spread: It is a rainy night outside the Tel Hashomer Hospital. Only one assistant is around, named Shmiel. He is on night duty tonight in the room of "sleeping" former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Everybody, but Sharon himself, knows he is no longer... Continue Reading →

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