It's also how babies are made.

A friend of my husband comes to Israel every once in a while and takes pleasure in his hobby of street arting Jerusalem. He comes equipped with a message and a talent. Thankfully, he also has a sense of humor:

the true victory

The Hebrew reads: “HaNitzachon HaAmiti” or, “The true victory” and the graphic is… well, you took 9th grade biology, didn’t you?

Soldiers are not cookies!

The first time I saw this one, it was Cookie Monster that caught my eye, of course. But the phrasing below His Munchiness is anything but yummy:

cookie monster soldiers

 “Soldiers are not cookies.”

No, they are not. You can’t consume your own 18-21 year-old population like Cookie Monster devours his cookies. They are also not trash, that you can just dispose of carelessly; Oscar would be very grouchy about that.

Won’t you tell me how to get, how to get to security and peace?

The Atari of Jerusalem.

If you live in, or even visit Jerusalem, you can’t help but come across some very – creative – street art. It’s taken pretty seriously and also not seriously.

Personally, I think street art is the new bumper sticker as far as Israeli political/social expression. Unless, of course, it’s just meant for smiles.

Here it is, the Jerusalem street art series, kicked off with a kickback to an awesome thing:

Atari grafitti