Fifty-Two Frames: Curves

Reunited with an old recreation, up in Haifa this week. The beckoning, sensual nature of the hookah’s shape always seemed to directly reflected the possibilities it offered.

Week 43: Curves

“A figure with curves always offers a lot of interesting angles.”
– old school film director Wesley Ruggles

When you mix Jews, legalities, Facebook…

Facebook + Jew vs Jew + lawsuit?

Not the first time this has happened, Mark Zuckerberg(s)!

Israeli entrepreneur becomes Mark Zuckerberg to fight Facebook

But we had to have known some Israeli would have the balls to do this:

Israeli entrepreneur Rotem Guez has legally changed his name to Mark Zuckerberg in response to legal threats from Facebook. The 32 year old Haifa resident runs a website called “Likestore” which sells Facebook “likes” in bulk charging prices of NIS 500-10,000 for 1,000-10,000 “likes.”

Last week, Guez received a letter from a law firm representing Facebook demanding that he close his business. Guez insists that his business is legal and decided to change his name to that of Facebook founder and CEO to see if Facebook is prepared to sue him.

My favorite part:

At first the clerk refused to change his name describing it as “misleading the public” but Guez’s insistence that “Zuckerberg” is a nice Jewish name convinced her to register the change.

So who’s the bigger Sucker(berg) – the billionaire Mark or the dude who can’t legally change his name again for seven years?

Fire preparedness.

No winter, an idiot burning trash, a dry forest – Haifa has way too much light this Chanukah.

The news has become international that for the last 24 hours 5,000 acres of Haifa (Carmel) is drowning in the worst fire in Israel’s history. Israel is great at being prepared for terrorist threat, thorough in airport security, braced for most impact… But fires are not our thing. This is a place where buildings are made from stone and what forests we have we are lucky to have.

Which is why we definitely need help. Without a winter this year, with no rainfall, the forests are dry and the conditions are ripe for exactly what happened. And have you seen the aid roster? Britain, France, Romania, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Croatia, Azerbaijan and Russia… Ok… Jordan, Egypt and Turkey. It must be 2010.

Meanwhile, back in Tzur Hadassah… where we’ve averaged a handful of mini forest fires per week for the past month. We get an email this morning from the Va’ad:

All firetrucks and fighters have been deployed to Haifa (all being all two for our forest-heavy area). Any male over the age of 18 who is able, should be prepared to join the team to put out a fire here if necessary. Wear appropriate clothing, bring wet rags, and blankets to put out the fire. This is the status until Sunday.

What is this, 1852?

Priorities are priorities, and perhaps firefighting is just not one in this country. But considering the drought we get, the precious status of forest, and the poor education of fire safety to the general public, who by the way, are either obsessed with igniting bonfires, barbecues, or their trash, I think it’s time Israel took a little responsibility and taught our citizens proper outdoor fire safety.

City feature: Haifa

Now that summer is upon us, there’s a new series of jokes going around the cynical Israeli circuit, which revolve around the same punchline:

“So, what are you doing this summer?”
“That depends – when does the war start and end?”

“Hey, feeling like a weekend in a tzimmer?”
“Maybe; but let’s wait for the wartime deals.”

All jokes aside – though it’s hard – I would like to get out to Haifa one of these days. The last time I was there was in 2004 and it was only for one day. It’s a fascinating city in its own rite, totally different than Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. In fact, I remember feeling like I was in a different country altogether. It’s a city of religions, but unlike Jerusalem, it’s calm and peaceful. It’s a city of modernity, but unlike Tel Aviv, it’s laid-back and green.

Here are some photos from that day nearly three years ago – and hopefully I’ll have updated ones fairly soon; before ‘the war’, of course.

haifa port

haifa beach

haifa rocks

haifa bahai

haifa bahai gardens

haifa bahai garden path

Haifa Beit Gefen

haifa view

haifa coexistence walks