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  • The Prime Minister makes a PowerPoint

    The Prime Minister makes a PowerPoint

    It’s night three of my daughter’s cough and it’s gotten much better. I’m sitting uncomfortably on the Hello Kitty stool next to the crib, with my forefinger making lines in her palm, my phone on ‘play’ in the other hand, and in my left ear, an earbud is loosely holding on. The prime minister is […]

  • #tomorrow12: Bloggers Q&A with Shimon Peres

    I’m the one who videoed the entire Q&A session that President Shimon Peres gave us bloggers at the Israel Presidents Conference today. Below is the whole uncut video, but below that are quotes from the topics discussed. (I’ll try and update when I splice it by topic.) I was a bit disappointed the questions all […]

  • If only it were that simple, eh, Diplomacy?

    It’s on my mind. Constantly. The fact that it’s nearly Purim and everyone wants to draw comparisons doesn’t help. So I’ll let Jon Stewart take on the Iran-Israel-USA dance of doom:¬†Words of Warcraft (And, come on, he totally could’ve saved the erection slip-up by pointing out that it’s all the MEN and TESTASTERONE that is […]

  • Five years' time.

    So, my son now has one of his three passports. The Israeli passport came in today and is it wrong to think, after seeing its expiration date of 2014, that it happens to be excellent timing in accordance with this headline from today’s Haaretz: Mossad: Iran will have nuclear bomb by 2014 Just saying.

  • Breaking my sleep barrier.

    I woke up this morning at a quarter to seven to an enormous boom right outside the bedroom window. I jerked my head up, like the deer in Bambi when the shots are fired in the forest. My first thought is, Oh shit they’ve bombed Beitar… My husband mumbles, “Don’t worry about it,” and my […]