“It’s a wonderful country.” Did you vote in Israel today?

On this beautiful Israel election day, in our eretz nehederet, let’s take a moment to appreciate the fact that we get to choose who screws us over.

It’s actually amazing. Did you feel it today?

Did you feel the country, divided, coming together? Did you feel we were united, at the very least, in feeling some sentiment, any sentiment, towards block letters on pieces of scrap paper?

Did you feel disillusioned? Did you feel disillusioned as a nation?

Do you feel overwhelmed with energy, with pride, knowing that you are able to vote in a democracy today?

If you’re Jewish, did you feel the empowerment? The control we have of our destiny? Of openly participating in a society we built… Of declaring our views, hopes and representation as free Jews?

We joke. And we rant. We’re angry and we’re apathetic. We’re frustrated and we’re hopeful fools. Or hopeless optimists.

But we’re here. We’re mostly free. Our lives (if not our sanity) are not under constant threat… by our own leaders.

Did you bring your kids to vote with you? Did you explain to them what it means to be a citizen with representation, in whatever language or level they speak?

Did you explain what a strong leader is? What a good leader is?

How to become one?

Maybe they listened. Maybe our redemption is closer than we think.


Searching Naftali Benn- oof, go home, Bibi, you’re drunk.

Wow. So, this just happened.

Heard HaBayit HaYehudi front runner Naftali Bennett got snotty on his Facebook page today, so I went to check it out. Typed out his name and –

Oh, hello, Bibi Netanyahu. You crashed yet another party. Living your meme, much?

Or are you a lil afraid you will one day soon* no longer be the life of the parties?

*after another term with Avigdor and Shas, of course, thankyouverymuchfellowIsraelivoters.

Naftali Bennett - oops - Bibi

Disclaimer: I’m not voting for either guy. But here’s a fun way to choose your fav.

Disclaimer #2: I swear I didn’t see that tiny gray text under the drop down in the screenshot until just now (but answer the question, Naftali).


Chuck Norris endorses Bibi – for real, yo. You’re screwed now, Bennett.

(h/t @mordecaiholtz)

Israeli elections memes: some real ‘winners’ here

Israeli election season started pretty much right as the U.S. election season ended. Fear not – it’s no less depressing, frustrating and exhausting.

I wonder if I can write in a candidate this time, too?

Eretz Nehederet (Israeli sketch comedy) collected Israeli election memes and some of them are real… ‘winners’ (ehhhhh). A few of my favs:

Naftali Bennett: HaBayit HaYehudi (Jewish Home)

“I threw a grenade and killed 80 terrorists. And then the grenade exploded.”

Yair Lapid: Yesh Atid (There is a Future)

Yair Lapid: “Yair Lapid once said…” Bystander: “Aren’t you Yair Lapid?” Yair Lapid: “Thanks. You’re not bad yourself.”

Tzipi Livni: Hatnua (The Movement)

“Hello, everyone, welcome to the first meeting of the party Hatnua. Since most of us don’t know each other, let’s open with everyone saying your name and where you lost in the primaries.”

Aryeh DeriShas (Shas)

We’re there for those who don’t have… the energy to pay taxes.

Also, some non-elections related ones. Worth it. Check it out. (All Hebrew)

Also, Bibi and Bennett are playing footsie. Evil hatred footsie.