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  • Patriotism through the eyes of a kid.

    A couple days ago, unsure of whether my son’s gan would cover it extensively, I started teaching him about Yom Haatzmaut myself. Which actually just meant teaching him the word דגל. Yesterday, he discovered the Israeli flag in our house… the very one we had been talking about. That made him mildly excited and less […]

  • It’s starting to look a lot like…

    The annual hanging of the flags across Israel (or Tzur Hadassah specifically): Yom Haatzmaut 64, here we come!

  • Free to be… sixty three.

    Had a great day, especially since Park Begin wasn’t a disheveled, polluted mess by the time it ended! I love how a bunch of immigrant friends can get together, no local family aside, and have a great time of a national holiday. To the %#@! asshole who let his Doberman Pinscher run loose through groups […]

  • Israeli flag protekzia.

    Someone is watching over us. Taking care that we do right by our adopted citizenhood. And that someone… is our mortgage bank representative. She happens to live in Tzur Hadassah, and her home happens to be located at the bottom of the hill our apartment overlooks. And now that she knows exactly where we live […]

  • It’s flag season in Tel Aviv.

    Spent the afternoon walking around Tel Aviv. It was the first time I noticed that the flags are out for flag season, or Yom Haatzmaut, which is going down next Wednesday evening-Thursday. It’s Israel’s 60th anniversary this time, so it’s actually more than just personal flags – storefronts, advertisements and highways are more decorated than […]