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An Israeli lullaby.

Sleep soundly, children of Israel, for who knows how long before your innocence is lost.

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Never normal.

Living here is not normal. Life here pushes through – the normal, the stubborn, the ups, the downs – the not normal, the horror, the grief, the methods, the madness. Life here is limbo. Life here is business as usual. Life here is waiting. Life here is death. Life here is moving on. Life here […]

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What’s more complicated than kidnapped teens, baby heart surgery, and life in Israel?

Day 10. My god. This country. What is more complicated than this goddamn country? This is a news segment on Channel 10 [Hebrew] profiling a father of a Makor Chaim schoolmate of the two 16-year-old kidnapped boys. He is also Dr. Dudi Mishali, a 20-year Tel HaShomer baby heart surgeon. He opens the chests of […]

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We’re waiting for you.

Day 7. I believe you are alive. I believe you’ll be ok. I hope you do, too. We’re waiting for you. We’re doing the age-old Israeli dance – living a disrupted, regular life. Go to work, go to school, put the kids to bed, kiss each other goodnight. While we hope for you. We think […]

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Not normal (part 2)

It’s day 3. When it comes to processing, sometimes it takes a while. I think the closer to home it is, the slower it goes. To put it another way: maybe it’s a bit too twisted that I’m reading the insanity playing out in Iraq in an effort to not read the no-news from back […]

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Not normal.

It’s sadly a familiar feeling. Refreshing the news every hour and every hour thinking, ‘fuck.’